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On Kawara : One Million Years (Past&Future) Sept. 3-Nov. 23, 2002

Live Reading and Recording Project

Live Recording Schedule:

In September, every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 16:00 pm to 17:00 pm.

In October and November, every Fridays and Saturdays from 16:00 pm to 17:00 pm.

Past and Future will be recorded alternately for each session.

One Million Years (Past&Future)


On Kawara produced twelve sets of "One Million Years (Past)" in 1970-71 in New York. Each set consists of ten volumes and begins with the year 998,031 BC and ends with the year 1,969 AD. Each book is made up of 200 pages and each page holds 500 typed years. They were first shown at Galerie Konrad Fischer, Dusseldorf in 1971. "One Million Years (Past)" is dedicated to: For all those who have lived and died.

The first set (ten volumes) of "One Million Years (Future)" was produced in 1980 in New York and was shown the following year at Galerie Konrad Fischer, Dusseldorf. The year 1,981 AD - 1001,980 AD were covered. Eleven more sets were made in 1981-98. One Million Years (Future)" is dedicated to: For the last one.

Compact Discs:

In 1999, Dia Center for the Arts in New York published the first audio recording of "One Million Years" on CD. Today, there are 24 CDs published by different institutions.

CD 1 (Past) Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Past 998, 031 AD - 997, 400 BC)

CD 1 (Future) Dia Center for the Arts (Future 1994 AD - 2613 AD)

CD 2 - 6 (Past & Future) David Zwirner (Past 997, 399 BC - 994, 993 BC / Future 2, 614 AD - 5, 565 AD)

CD 7 - 8 (Past & Future) Konrad Fischer (Past 994, 992 BC - 993, 721 BC / Future 5, 566 AD - 6, 900 AD)

CD 9 - 24 (Past & Future) Documenta XI (Past 993, 720 BC - 988. 629 BC / Future 6, 901 AD - 13, 292 AD)

CD 25 - 36 (Past & Future) Akira Ikeda Gallery (starting: Past 988, 628 BC / Future 13, 293 AD)

Akira Ikeda Gallery /Berlin hosts the first live recording sessions of "One Million Years", all other previously released CDs including Documenta XI were recorded in a studio.

Native German speakers read in English and all odd numbers are read by men, and all even numbers by women. Each live recording session will be 60 minutes. The "Past" and the "Future" will be read alternately for each recording session.

During the live recording of the "Past", in a separate room of the gallery, pre-recorded CD of the "Future" will be played and during the recording of the "Future", the pre-recorded of the "Past".

This is purely an audio exhibition, there will be no visual elements in the gallery. This clearly makes this exhibition as a Reading/Recording exhibition and distinguishes itself from previously organized "One Million Years" shows.

Recording equipment was provided by CINE +.