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THE DRAWING SHOW January, 2011-December, 2015

"The Drawing Show" is a five-year exhibition, divided into a series of ten shows. Each exhibition consists of an artist exhibiting drawings at Akira Ikeda Gallery/New York for a period of six months.

Catalogue will be published for each exhibition.

"The Drawing Show" is open by appointment. Please contact Akira Ikeda Gallery/New York at (212) 366-5449 or send an email to info@akiraikedagallery.com to make an appointment.


List of artists:

Ray Smith: 1– 6/2011
Bernd Koberling: 7-12/2011
Alain Kirili: 1– 6/2012
Peter Boemmels: 7-12/2012
Tomiaki Yamamoto: 1– 6/2013
Takahide Koike: 7-12/2013
Not Vital: Dates to be announced
Jan Bünnig: Dates to be announced
Hiromu Yoshimoto: Dates to be announced
Heribert C. Ottersbach: Dates to be announced



Alain Kirili

“The Drawings Show: Lines in Charcoal, Ink, Watercolor, Galvanized Iron and Black Rubber”
January 3 – June 30, 2012

Akira Ikeda Gallery would like to announce an exhibition of Alain Kirili’s drawings as part of “The Drawing Show” series at our New York gallery from January 3 through June, 30, 2012. Sculpture exhibitions of Alain Kirili will follow in our Berlin and Tokyo galleries.

In all Kirili’s work, including stone sculptures, forged iron verticals and clay pieces, drawing lines and calligraphy are present.

For this show in New York, Kirili decided to confront drawings on paper and drawings in space, utilizing charcoal, ink, watercolor, galvanized iron and black rubber.

Kirili’s work is based on rhythm created by the great improvisers of our time.

Press Release

List of works

Alain Kirili At AKira Ikeda Gallery/NY


Alain Kirili At AKira Ikeda Gallery/NY


Alain Kirili At AKira Ikeda Gallery/NY